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What should our next 20 slot CS:S server be?
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Hello members of Desire Gaming,

We are having second thoughts on our current Deathrun server:

We believe is not progressing very well and I and the server hoster (Saith) have decided to change it although we are opening a Poll to see what the server should be you can vote on the main page so get voting.

Whatever you pick in this poll will overwrite the current Desire-Gaming.com | Deathrun | Fast DL | 24/7 Server and we will have the new mod that been selected. The server will only start with 14 slots so i strongly believe you think before voting.

-Founder of Desire Gaming
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You can receive 15 free Gold Coins every 24 hours if you vote for our server at Diamond (1). Please also help us by voting at Diamond (2).



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