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Hello Desire gaming's members,

Today I bring you some Good & Some Bad News:

The good news is that we changed our Donation system has changed our prices are now much lower but at a monthly fee and we have added the option Wallie for our buyers as most people located in NL use Wallie and Wallie is much more easier to get and use.

The bad news is that our Desire Gaming: Team Fortress 2 PayLoad 100% Critical Server has now expired due to a lack of bills and that is due to a lack of Donations. The server was almost pretty dead which is quite unusual for a Desire Gaming server although now our main interests are Counter-Strike Source & Garry's Mod Servers so that is what Desire Gaming's main focus will be.

Views: 4045 | Added by: Nik | Date: 21 Sep 2010 | Comments (3)

Greetings, Faithful members of Desire Gaming

Today I bring you a Desire Gaming ScoutzKnivez Movie/Video:


-Founder of Desire Gaming
Views: 2760 | Added by: Nik | Date: 11 Aug 2010 | Comments (3)

Hello Ex- Members of Significant and New Members of Desire Gaming!,

Desire Gaming has now Opened with Currently 1 owner of Desire Gaming and that is Nik aka Wind we will soon be Opening a Steam group & a ScoutKnivez SourceRpg Server Stay active and then hopefully we can expand as we plan to grow a really big community with many more servers invite your friends to the Desire gaming Community so we can all participate in the joy and expand Desire Gaming to the maximum such as more Counter-Strike : Source Servers and start hosting our own Garry's Mod Servers too. Join Desire Gaming today and see it strive to the top.

-Founder of Desire Gaming
Views: 191653 | Added by: Nik | Date: 01 Aug 2010 | Comments (2)

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