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1:32 PM
Dear members of Desire Gaming,

As of 1st of August 2011 we have lost all our votes due to the monthly reset and we really need your votes on both of the websites, Desire Gaming would really appreciate it if everyone could start voting especially on Diamond (2)

We have recently also introduced a new voting system which works by inputting your Minecraft IGN and automatically receiving 15 in-game Gold Coins every time you vote per 24 hours. To receive your 15 free Gold coins at our Survival Mutli-Player server simply click the Diamond (1) and this will lead you to our Minestatus profile page where you can vote, simply enter your Minecraft In-game name at the top of the page then enter the CAPTCHA code and vote!You will now instantly receive your 15 Gold Coins in-game.

Note: You can only receive the coins if you vote at minestatus the Diamond (1) but we really appreciate if you vote at the Diamond (2) aswell as it get's us more publicity. You can vote every 24 hours and get your 15 Gold Coins instantly every 24 hours after you have voted!



Nik - Founder of Desire Gaming
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